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New Super Turf Artificial Grass Now Available in Melbourne

There are many people who think that using fake grass in their lawn is a despicable thing to do. For most people, artificial grass are unnatural but if you are living in Melbourne as well as in other cities in Australia that have harsh climate conditions and watering restrictions, then getting artificial grass is  the only way to go to make your lawn look alive all year round.
Also called synthetic grass, artificial grass gives the same effect as real grass but it offers more advantage than real grass. In Melbourne, there are artificial grass suppliers that offer you real-looking fake grass. Although artificial grass costs more than natural grass it offers long-term savings and convenience.
Artificial Grass Requires Less Maintenance
One of the most important benefits of planting artificial grass Melbourne is that  it requires less maintenance. You do not need to trim it or water it in order to maintain its green look. This is a great option among people who want to have an award-winning lawn but do not have enough time to dedicate in maintaining their lawn or enough money to pay for the services of a professional gardener.  Since you do not use water to maintain artificial grass, it is friendlier to the environment.
Synthetic Grass Can Last Despite of Adverse Weather Conditions
How would you like your lawn to remain green despite that it is in the middle of summer or winter? Since synthetic grasses are made from durable materials, they can withstand adverse weather conditions. In fact, you can leave it for years outside your lawn and it will remain as vibrant as the day that you bought it.
It Is Versatile
Fake grass is very versatile and it can also be used as an excellent carpeting option for your dog kennels. Moreover,  they are also great carpeting ideas on the patio. The rough texture of the synthetic grass helps eliminate dust from entering your house. They can also be used as an alternative turf in local golf driving ranges and other small sports facilities.
It’s Readily Available Online
If you’ve already decided to get synthetic grass, then you can just search for artificial grass in Landscape Grass online